Some think it's an eyesore and others believe it's a staple in the Hudson Valley. Is it really going away for good?

Times are changing. Are they really getting rid of the massive Dutchess Center sign?

There are some things in the Hudson Valley that have been here so long that they just become a landmark or permanent fixture here. Unfortunately, this sign might not be a fixture for too much longer. If you live in the Poughkeepsie or Arlington area or if you've driven down the Dutchess Turnpike then there's absolutely now way you could have missed this massive sign.

The Dutchess Center has become a graveyard of businesses over the past decade but the sign has remained to stand proud despite needing a serious make over. I did not live in the Hudson Valley when this plaza thrived. Can you recall what businesses were there years ago?


Google Maps
Google Maps

According to post in a local community group, someone is reporting that the sign may be torn down soon. The post also asks if anyone in the Hudson Valley would be interested in buying and restoring the old Dutchess Center sign. Do you think a local business owner or philanthropist will purchase it and keep it? If the rumor is true what will become of the sign? Would you be sad to see it go? It would definiely be quite an adjustment for commuters who travel past the sign every day.

Here is the post that was shared.

How old is the Dutchess Center? How long has the sign been there?

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