If you're growing a garden this summer you're most likely having the same issue I'm having.

Last year I got into gardening on my own by purchasing some small jalapeno pepper plants, tomatoes and fennel. It worked out rather well. Meaning only my jalapenos grew. Editors note: they were delicious.

2017 is a little different. My dad was sidelined after back surgery so my brother and I did a majority of the work in his garden. I turned the dirt, put some manure in there and my brother planets all the veggies. It's like overnight everything grew. Our tomato, broccoli, zucchini, lettuce and cucumber plants bloomed like nobodies business as you can see below with the ginormous zucchini we found:


My problem here is that the zucchini survived a brutal deer attack the night before. We have a fence surrounding our small garden and marigolds lining it. These were all recommendations to keep the deer out, however they find a way around it and ruined our little plant community.

What could we possibly do to keep this pesky deer out of our precious family garden? All ideas are welcome.

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