New York State has many laws that you might not agree with. Don't like the fact that you have to drive your car with a front license plate on it? Even though there are other states that only require one, New York says you must have two.

Want to have your windows tinted darker? Well, New York State has something to say about that as well. If you get pulled over for 'an Obstructed License Plate' what does that mean? Will you be getting a ticket?

What constitutes an Obstructed License Plate in New York State?

An Obstructed License Plate is one that has been manipulated in a way that keeps the letters and numbers from being seen clearly. This includes, but is not limited to, putting dirt on the plate, peeling the paint off the plate, or covering the plate with a clear plate covering. All of these things are considered to be an obstruction. 

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Why does it matter if you have an obstructed New York license plate?


There are a few reasons that a person might want to obstruct their license plate, two of which are the most common. The first one? To keep from having their plate read when going through the cashless tolls. If you don't have a readable plate on your car, you can't be charged a toll, right?

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The other main reason that other people obstruct their plate is to attempt to keep from getting speeding tickets or when the police have the plate readers on their cars.

Do you obstruct your plate? Do you know that you can get a ticket and a fine for doing so?

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