The cold weather is here and it is time to stock up on Firewood. All over the Hudson Valley you can hear cords of wood being dropped in yards. Soon they will be stack neatly for the winter. Nothing says cozy more than a roaring fire in a fireplace. Whether you plan to enjoy your wood in a fireplace, woodstove or an outdoor fire pit it is important that you keep in mind that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) is on the look out for wood coming in from out of state.

The NYS DEC officers are putting a spotlight on National Firewood Awareness Month by holding statewide check points design to make sure that everyone is adhering to the state regulations regarding firewood.

photo credit: NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation 10-22-20 via Facebook
photo credit: NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation 10-22-20 via Facebook

You may not be aware but moving untreated wood across state lines can spread pests and disease from place to place. The NYS DEC is asking campers, residents and visitors to please be sure not to bring untreated wood over the New York boarder. In a Facebook post from October 21st they shared that, "Untreated firewood grown in NY may not be transported more than 50 miles (linear distance) from its source or origin unless heat-treated. In addition, when transporting firewood, certain documents are required."

The Facebook post also included a link to which goes into more specific detail for people who are hoping to collect wood from a distance outside the state of New York and bring it back to burn. It is very helpful in the sense that it spells out what types of wood you can transport and how and what you need in order to be compliant.

There are specific documents you need to have in order to transport any wood over the board into New York. They include a certificate of origin and the receipt of purchase stating that the wood was properly treated. I say skip picking up your own cord and instead support a local tree person by purchasing wood from them and having it delivered. If you are going camping then I suggest supporting the local wood folks in the town your traveling to that way everyone wins.


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