If your yard looks anything like mine then it is covered in caterpillar poop and leaf bits left behind by very hungry caterpillars. It is hard to believe how fast those tent and spongy moth caterpillars can eat all the leaves of a tree. One minute you have leaves the next minute you don't.

Seeing all the trees not just in my yard but all over the Hudosn Valley got me thinking can the leaves grow back? Can a tree sprout leaves twice in one year? I was thinking how strange it would be to have a summer with no leaves on the trees and what about the fall?

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PC PQ: Nathan Directional Pruning
PC PQ: Nathan Directional Pruning

Can Leaves Grow Back on a Tree that Was Eaten by Caterpillars?

It is hard to look at how much damage has been done by the Tent and Spongy Moth caterpillars in the Hudosn Valley. You look up right now and the trees that were once covered in leaves are bare.

However, there is good news. According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, there is a good chance that every tree that is missing leaves will start to regrow leaves again in July. They will be smaller but they should regrow.

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In everything I read, there was hope that the trees would rebound as soon as the caterpillars retreat which will hopefully be any day now. The Audubon Community Nature Center explains that while the trees may seem devasted right now they should make it back with minor damage.

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