I am not even going to try to tell you that I have ever fished. Yes, I have been on a fishing trip or two but I have never had anything at the end of my line which is why I think I get so fascinated by people who fish successfully.

I have watched people surfcast and catch, I have seen them hook seabass from the ocean and I have watched strippers coming out of the Hudson but there is one fish that if I saw it I don't think I would even eat fish again. The Atlantic Sturgeon is not a pretty fish.

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New York State Department of Environmental Conservation via Facebook
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation via Facebook

Why is the NYS DEC Catching Endangered Sturgeon in the Hudson River

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) shared an update today on how their Atlantic Sturgeon survey is going so far on the Facebook page. I didn't realize that Atlantic Sturgeon was endangered. I also didn't know the term Anadromous Fish which means that the Sturgeon lives in salt water and spawns in fresh much like the Salmon and Stripped Bass.

So is the NYS DEC up to in the Hudson River. They are conducting an annual survey that they started in 2006 to assess the Atlantic Sturgeon. Last week during the survey the NYS DEC captured a large female. who came in over 6 feet long and weighed about 220 pounds.

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What I thought was cool about the NYS DEC sharing this info was they also answered comments that people left on social media. One comment addressed the use of the bands to get the Sturgeon on the boat. The comment felt it was bad for the fish but the NYS DEC wrote back that it was better for the fish and the staff on the boat.

They also clarified that the fish seen in the tanks were resting in a calm position even though they were on their backs. Apparently, they lay belly up when they are in a calm state much like sharks.

The Staff reported using nets to capture the fish, they then measure it, scan it for a tag (and give it one if it doesn't have one), take a piece of fin for genetic analysis, and weigh it before releasing it back into the wild. The Survey is conducted for several weeks during May and June so the NYS DEC will be wrapping this up soon for 2024.

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