The lawsuit is over the Town of Wallkill in Orange County poaching NYPD Police academy graduates.

According to the Times Herald Record, New York City filed two separate lawsuits last month seeking reimbursement for training expenses for two poached NYPD police academy graduates.

The suits were filed in state Supreme Court in Orange County and the first one is asking the court to make Wallkill pay the city $45,256.95 in expenses after officer Brian Levy left from the NYPD seven months after graduating the academy to join the Wallkill police department.

In the second suit the city is asking the court to make Orange County pay $25,708 after Nicholas White left the NYPD less than 2 years after the academy and joined the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Orange county claims the second suit has been dissolved, but Orange County spokesman Justin Rodriguez told the Record that the one of the suits was filed in error and that "The county agreed to pay New York City $25,708 as required by the provisions of General Municipal Law Sec. 72-c."

That State law allows one municipality to collect reimbursement from another municipalities for the cost of training any officers who switch jobs within three years of graduating from the academy.

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