Recently, a pair of employees from a Hudson Valley nursing home were arrested and are now facing some incredibly serious charges. It is alleged that these two employees not only stole drugs from the nursing home they were employed at but also falsified documents to cover their actions.

If found guilty, the consequences for their actions will be severe.

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What We Know Currently About This Drug Scandal

Livingston Hills Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center is located in Colombia County and recently has found itself but not for the reasons that they would prefer.

Two former employees, Lauren Emery (39) and  Alison Steedle (47) were recently arrested for alleged crimes committed against the facility.

After an investigation was conducted, the women were charged with numerous different crimes including forgery of medical prescriptions and falsifying business records, all felony charges. In addition, they were also charged with the crime of petit larceny which is a misdemeanor.


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Both Emery and Steedle upon being charged were issued appearance tickets and are expected in Livingston Court later this month.

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The Consequences For The Alleged Actions

It goes without saying how serious these allegations are and as expected the punishment for these crimes would be severe. The felony charge of falsifying business records could carry a penalty of 1 year in jail.

In addition, depending on the severity the forgery of medical prescriptions could carry a prison sentence of up to 7 years. The misdemeanor charges for petit larceny if found guilty would also come with their own penalties in the form of a $1000 fine or 2-3 years probation. The misdemeanors here obviously pale in comparison to doing hard time.


Initial Thoughts on the Alleged Crimes and Charges

At this point, no conclusions can be drawn in regard to this case. It is also unclear at this time what happened to the missing drugs taken from the Livingston Hills facility. However, based on these charges, it can be said that intent to do wrong was clear and that a specific line of thought was used not only to steal but to cover one's tracks as well. Any remaining questions regarding this case will most likely be answered when the accused arrive in court later this month.

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