The rumors are true. Santa Claus is coming to town! And don't you worry he is definitley stopping by the Hudson Valley.

This is my favorite time of the holiday season because the rushing around starts to slow down and you can really enjoy the excitement of Christmas. With that being said, I'm a full grown adult and still get a thrill out of tracking Santa with the help of NORAD.

NORAD is a legitimate government organization also known as the North American Aerospace Defense Command.NORAD's slogan? "We Have The Watch." They pretty much keep an eye on the skies. From now until Christmas Day you can follow along with NORAD as they track the big guy and his sleigh as he delivers toys to families all over the world.  They also provide some fun for the kids throughout their website,with options like visiting the North Pole and interactive map.

If you pay close attention you may even see Santa cruise over the Hudson Valley dropping off toys to the good girls and boys in Sullivan, Dutchess, Orange and Ulster counties. And I'm sure he'll be tossing coal down to the little ones, and adults, who found their way on the naughty list.

Check out to catch a glimpse of Santa over the Hudson.

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