Camping season is right around the corner in New York. We are just weeks away from Hudson Valley road being filled with Fifth Wheels and C Class Campers heading down our roads for adventures.

Some people who camp prefer a tent with or without an air mattress. They will be heading out to our state campgrounds as well. Whether you enjoy the comfort of a camper or the authenticity of a tent one thing is for sure if you love to sleep outdoors camping season can't come fast enough.

New York State Ranks High in a Recent Camping Survey

Many people don't think of New York as a top camping spot but the truth is according to a recent survey, New York did quite well in the final tally. With states like Maine, Vermont, and even Pennsylvania close by you might think people would choose those locations. Even New Jersey offers great camping on the ocean but it turns out New York is rank pretty high in the camping world.


Love Lawn recently did a study on the best states for camping. They compare all 50 states on things that included campsite access, safety, supplies, affordability even acreage and trails. All in all, there were 25 metrics they used to come up with their results. What I find amazing is New York topped states like Arizona, Virginia, and Tennessee.

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After the results were in, New York finished 5th, proving that even if your vacation only takes you as far as the Catskills or Gardiner's Lazy River's Jelly Stone Park you are still on a top camping trip. New York was bested by California, Washington, Texas, and Florida. The bottom states for camping according to the survey included Nevada, Mississippi, North Dakota, Louisiana, and Rhode Island.

New York Get A High Ranking for Camping Because of Hiking Trails

New York got its high ranking in the Lawn Love survey for things like most campsites where it ranked 5th, and most attractions where New York ranked 4the other rankings included: the number of hiking trails, number of campsite toilets, and number of RV rental offers in all of those categories New York ranked 3rd overall.

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A List of Amazing Camping Resorts in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley New York Camping Resorts

The Hudson Valley is a camping destination for so many people including those of us who live locally. It is a great way to have a summer vacation every weekend close to home. Many places offer a seasonal rate for you to save money on your stay. You pull the trailer in for the summer and park it for the season which is usually May to October. The resorts we found offer family fun amenities and a season full of exciting activities.

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