Have you ever been walking in the middle of the street while looking at your phone? Did you then fall down an open sewer because you were distracted? Did you meet the ninja turtles when you were down there? Did you go with them and have adventures while eating pizza and shouting cool turtle slang?

See, the ninja turtles stuff probably wouldn't happen (I stress, probably), but you could seriously hurt yourself or others by walking and texting at the same time. Now, a New York politician has introduced legislation that would actually ban pedestrians from using electronic devices while crossing the street.

The Brooklyn Reporter writes that Assemblymember Felix Ortiz brought the bill forward and cited statistics that supported the idea that texting decreases alertness. In 2017, nearly six thousand people were killed by "distracted walking."

The bill includes any device with mobile data access, like laptops, gaming systems, and cell phones. Do you think this will be an effective measure?


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