Police allege the man was found with gun manufacturing tools, gun parts, fully loaded magazines, pistols and more inside his Hudson Valley home.

On Wednesday, the Eastchester Police Department announced the arrest of a Westchester County resident who's accused of making "ghost" guns. 60-year-old Robert Nicol of Eastchester was charged last week with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, felonies.

In late March, the Eastchester Police were contacted by members of the Westchester County Real Time Crime Center and advised about alleged suspicious activities by  Nicol.

Officers were told Nicol was possibly manufacturing ghost guns inside his Eastchester home on Garth Road in the Town of Eastchester.

Ghost Guns Allegedly Found in Westchester County Home


Officials say ghost guns are untraceable and can be made at home, with most parts bought legally online. They continue to be used in mass shootings, including at a Maryland high school in January.

An investigation by the FBI, Westchester County Department of Public Safety, along with assistance from the Westchester County D.A.s Office resulted in the execution of a search warrant at Nicol's Hudson Valley home.

Ghost Guns Seized in Eastchester, New York

Members of the F.B.I., the Westchester County Dept. of Public Safety, and the Eastchester Police Department Emergency Response Unit allegedly found the following inside Nicol's home:

Eastchester Police Department
Eastchester Police Department
  • 3 Glock Pistols
  •  8 Fully Loaded Magazines
  • A quantity of Ammunition
  • Gun Manufacturing Tools
  • Gun parts- including an additional Glock Slide

“Our Department as well as several Westchester County Police Departments, assign officers to the Westchester County Real Time Crime Center, and this is an example how our shared services and collaboration can be an effective tool in combating crime," Eastchester Police Department Chief Timothy Bonci said while praising his officers and credited the Law Enforcement partners for the collaborative effort in working together to remove illegal guns from our community.

The guns did not contain serial numbers and appeared to have been manufactured by the Nicol, police say.

Authorities believe Nicol was making the ghost guns by acquiring individual parts and producing the pistols.

Eastchester Police Department
Eastchester Police Department

Bail was set at $50,000 cash, $100,000 bail bond, or a $250,000 Secured Appearance Bond.

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