What would you do to try to make sure that nobody found out that you got arrested?

A way upstate New York man had to answer that question last weekend and he tried really hard to make sure nobody found out and well, he failed.

According to New York Upstate, the mans name is Joseph Talbot from Wayne County, which is between Rochester and Syracuse.

Talbot was pulled over for drunk driving last Thursday night by troopers and was given some field sobriety tests, which he failed, he was then charged with DWI.

According to State Police, once troopers brought Talbot back to the police station, he refused to give a breath sample and would not let troopers take his fingerprints or photo, telling them that he didn't want to end up in the local newspaper. He was then charged with second degree obstructing governmental administration in addition to the DWI charge.

After being released Talbot knew his mugshot and the police report would be in the local newspaper, the "Times of Wayne County" and he did not want people seeing it.

So when the paper came out over the weekend, he went from store to store buying up as many copies as he could find. He spent around $1,250 to buy 1,000 copies of the paper.

I'm guessing now that we are talking about this his plan backfired and more people than ever know about the arrest and he is now out over $1,200.

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