Are you one of them?

If you are a fan of the New York Giants football team, you most likely woke up this morning a bit angry with the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, after they seemed to give away their game against the Washington football team late last night.

Let me set all of this up. For the Giants to make the playoffs this year and win the NFC East, they needed to beat my Dallas Cowboys yesterday which they did 23-19 and they also needed the Eagles to beat Washington last night.

Through the 3rd quarter of the Eagles game last night, Washington was up 17-14, but it seemed like the Eagles had a really good chance to win the game in the forth quarter. Watching the game live, it just seemed like the Eagles were going to win, that was until they replaced their starting quarterback Jalen Hurts, with back up Nate Sudfeld to start the 4th quarter. Hurts wasn't injured and it seemed to me like the Eagles were throwing the game and didn't care about winning by making the switch.

Most Giant fans agreed and are showing their hate towards the Eagles all over social media saying that they threw the game and should be penalized by the NFL for tanking. As a Cowboy fan I would also be pretty upset by what went down BUT just like with my Cowboys, we should have played better all season and should never rely on any other team for us to make the playoffs. It never works!!!

The Giants can get some payback next season as they are set to play the Eagles in week 5 of the 2021 season.

Good news out of all of this is that the Washington football team did make the playoffs and that's great for their head coach Ron Rivera who beat cancer last year and for starting QB Alex Smith who has made it all the way back from a gruesome ankle injury. Silver lining...LOL!

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