The incident took place on January 4th.

According to News 10, the Town of Perth’s animal control officer at the time Joe Passino, responded to a call back on January 4th, that involved two dogs that were loose in Fulton County (north of Albany). One dog was allegedly shot and the officer has been arrested and charge with reckless endangerment and firearms charges.

Investigators say that once Passino arrived on the scene of the call, he followed the loose dogs onto the property of a local church and Christian academy, were he claims one of the dogs became aggressive, so aggressive that he needed to fire his gun to protect himself from being attacked by the dog. Once he fired the shot, it struck the dog and the dog fled the scene. It later returned to its home, survived the gun shot wound but did sustain a broken jaw and did lose several teeth.

Passino has been arrested and charge with two misdemeanors including, second degree reckless endangerment and the illegal discharge of a firearm. Passion told News 10 that he's been an animal control officer for 24 years, he said, "I’ve never in all these years pulled my pistol and shot at dogs in dangerous dog proceedings."

He also said that one of the dogs, "snipped him" and ran off, and then the other dog came around the corner "growling and lunging" at him and that forced him to draw his weapon and fire. Once in custody Passino was issued an appearance ticket for the charges and is due back in the Town of Perth Court at a later date.

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