It wouldn't be 2022 if we didn't start it off saying, new year, new me. As we wind down 2021 and start fresh with new beginnings, we are enthusiastic about all of the positive changes to come our way.

What are some things that you wish to fulfill this year? Whether these are ideas about work, family, friends, home or even yourself, there is so much possibility.

New Year resolutions are always something that folks joke around about. However, our resolutions don't have to be unattainable. They could be small little ideas that then form into what we can add into our schedules once, twice or three times a week. Some could also create a resolution to be a part of their daily routine.

For myself, I am going to be the best version of myself. With this being said, I a lot in mind with what I plan to do but I'm not holding myself to specific goals or ideas. 

There is so much to see and do here in the Hudson Valley. Regardless of the season, we can participate, learn more and explore right in our area.

Let's take a look at places to fulfill our New Year's resolutions in the Hudson Valley.

Be more active

hiker feet hiking on stone trail

For New York, this is the most popular resolution. Some people joke that the gyms are more full at this time due to the start of the new year. I think its a great idea that more people are into fitness and taking better care of themselves mentally, physically and emotionally. Along with gyms throughout the Hudson Valley there are plenty of places to walk, bike and hike. I would choose a day in the beautiful outdoors then I would in the (during the summer months, of course)

Here are hiking trails to explore.

Kaaterskill Falls

Catskills, Hudson Valley, NY

If you are looking for a hike with a waterfall then this is it. I have hiked this in the spring and winter and both were a delight. At times this trail can get steep and rocky so be sure to bring a good pair of hiking boots or sneakers. There is so much to see, from wildlife to trees and little streams along the way, it's worth it.

The Sam's Point Preserve

400 Sam's Point Road, Cragsmoor, NY 12420

Head here for a breathtaking view of mountains and greenery. The Sam's Point Preserve overlooks the highest part of Shawangunk Mountains. There's a waterfall, ice caves and lake. While hiking to the ice caves, my sister and I came across a newly engaged couple who we got to take pictures of. It was a beautiful moment and the woman actually found us on social media somehow months later. 

Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve

Cold Spring, NY 10516

This four mile hike goes by fast with all of mother nature's beauty to see. You'll come across a gazebo and more fascinating views. When you get to the top, the air feels even fresher.  There are over 8,000 acres with over 70 miles of trail. This is an adventure that can be done in any season with proper gear and clothing.

Make more time for self care

Vasyl Dolmatov
Vasyl Dolmatov

More than ever, people have been embracing self care. Personally, I enjoy doing self care activities because it truly makes me feel good about myself. Whether it's getting a facial or massage, attending a yoga class, practicing meditation or getting your hair, there are different forms of self care. What is something that you do to feel good about yourself? I enjoy meditating, doing yoga, attending red light therapy sessions and getting facials.

Here are spas to visit and unwind.

Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa

220 N Rd, Milton, NY 12547

Known for their enchanting estate in the Hudson Valley, there are plenty of ways to relax. From massage therapy sessions to body therapy, facials, hydra facials, nails and more. They also offer a pet program for our furry friends.

Mohonk Mountain House

1000 Mountain Rest Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561

Located on the historic grounds in New Paltz, there is so much to do here. However, if you are looking to relax then you're in the right space. Their spa menu consists of facials, massages, herbal wraps, body treatments and more. 

The Inn and Spa at Beacon

151 Main Street, Beacon 12508

Their spa offers massages, couples massages, facials, facials for men and add ons. The add ons include a scalp treatment, hot stone therapy and foot reflexology. They are currently offering different promotions on their website.

Eat better


I would say this is something that everyone I have ever met has said, " I want to eat better." It's great that as a society, we want to come together to be better for not only us but for each other. Eating healthy just feels good and if you're in tune with your body, you can tell when something agrees or disagrees inside. Local restaurants, markets and bakeries have more vegan, gluten free and organic options. I enjoy eating in the Hudson Valley especially at local restaurants who have fresh ingredients and sources that are made from our area.

Here are places to grab fresh food and ingredients.

Chakra Bowls

33 Arlington Ave #2, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

When it comes to fresh and balancing your chakras, I'm there. They take pride in being a "Good Vibe Tribe". They offer fresh ingredients from local markets. They also offer unblended options for take home to create for yourself on another day.


504 Main Street, Beacon 12508

This plant based cafe is known for being locally sourced and having a fresh juice bar. From sandwiches to Buddha Bowls and more, there is something for everyone. Their goal is to nourish your body, mind and spirit after leaving their establishment.

The Red Dot Vegetarian Kitchen

106 Sullivan St, Wurtsboro, NY 12790

With one location in New York and another in California, they take pride in serving love. From soups, breads, sandwiches and pancakes, there's a lot to choose from. They also have an online store with healthy items such as turmeric, granola, waffle mix and more.

What is your New Year's resolution? Will you be trying any of these? Share with us below.

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