Breakfast just got a little sweeter.

If you are a fan of the breakfast treat Pop-Tarts we have some great news for you, I think.

The folks over at pop tarts are getting ready to roll out another bunch of flavors. They currrlety have 27 flavors in all according to Thrillist.

Evertyhting from Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Blue Raspberry to Hot Fudge Sundae.

They are now getting ready to roll out 3 new flavors inspired by the hard candy Jolly Rancher. The new flavors are Watermelon, cherry, and green apple, three of the most popular flavors. The tarts will be frosted, and will tatste just like the exact flavor of the hard candy that inspired it, which means they will be on the tart side.

The flavors will be avaiable in stores later this month and will be limited edition.

The new flavors join a list of experimental Pop-Tart flavors that have popped up on store shelves in recent months, which already includes everything from maple bacon to Dunkin' Donuts flavors.

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