All small towns have issues and brave officials ask for comment from the public. Apparently that is what is going on in the Village of New Paltz according to a recent Facebook post from Village Mayor Tim Rogers. It is not a surprises to anyone who lives in or who has ever visited New Paltz that traffic and parking are two hot issues. Earlier today Mayor Tim Rogers announced that the Village board will hold an open public hearing regarding a law change that would lead to some free parking on weekends.
The post Mayor Tim put up has received a mix bag of reactions - the headline question was "Should there be free weekend parking at Hasbrouck Park?". Based on what people are leaving as comments, it appears there will be a lively discussion with a multitude of topics if all show up at the hearing. Topics range from free resident spots to get rid of meters that clog sidewalks. If you plan to attend this hearing make sure you have you listening ears on for the night it seems a lot will be said by both residents and non-resident of the Village.
Basically Mayor Tim recognizes the necessity of meter parking in parts of the Village on weekend but is asking if 82 parking spots at Hasbrouck Park could be free parking on Saturday and Sunday. According to the post people have paid for those spots for years Monday through Friday but on weekends they tend to remain empty so the suggestion is that they need less enforcement.
The Village Board will open a public hearing for this proposed law change on July 10th at 7 PM at the Village Hall.


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