The new firehouse will help better serve and protect one of the Hudson Valley's most rapidly growing areas.

If you live in the Fishkill area of Dutchess County as I did for a few years, you might also be a bit confused as to which fire department is YOUR fire department. Fishkill has numerous departments that serve the area and depending on where you live will depend on which department shows up if called.

One of those departments is expanding and has just announced plans to build a brand new fire station that will help better protect folks that live in the northeast portion of the town of Fishkill.

Rombout Fire Department

The Rombout Fire Department is charged with covering many parts of the Fishkill and surrounding areas. Their district headquarters, station #1, is located at 901 Main Street in Fishkill. The firehouse has five apparatus bays with two drive-through bays. It currently houses three engines, heavy rescue, aerial ladder truck, fire prevention trailer, fire police van, boat, and ford expedition utility according to their website.


Station 2

Rombout Fire Department Station Two is currently located on Cedar Hill Rd in Fishkill, NY. That station will soon be moving to a brand new firehouse right down the road. Station #2 will soon be moved onto Route 52 in Fishkill. The new building plans were made official as a new sign was put up in front of the property where the station will soon be located.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Future Home of Rombout Station #2

The new building will be built on the property that was once the home of Fishkill Auto Parts, directly across the street from the Dutchess Park Shopping Center. According to the picture on the sign, the new firehouse looks to have four bays, offices, and more.

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The sign didn't say when construction on the project will begin, or when it is expected to be completed, but when that information is available we will update this article. The new firehouse will be right up the road from Fishkill's newest statute...

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