If you plan to fly anytime soon, this new piece of technology is supposed to make it safer to make your way through the airport.

Most of us haven't been in an airport in quite sometime due to COVID-19 and all of the New York State travel restrictions, but when you are ready to fly again, one New York airport has started using a piece of technology to make it safer.

On Thursday the Albany International Airport began using a new app throughout the airport called the "Wellness Trace App" according to News 10.

The app, when used, will tell any travelers that use it of the last time any high-touch surfaces or seating areas have been cleaned and disinfected.

The app will also tell guests the last time bathrooms, restaurants and ticket counters have been disinfected as well.

To use the app all a traveler needs to do is use the cameras on their smartphones to scan one of the 45 QR code stickers that have been put up throughout the airport. Once the scan is done, a new tab will open up with information including the last time the area was sanitized and what was used to clean it.

The app has been developed by General Electric and put in the airport to give travelers peace of mind according to the CEO of the Albany County Airport.

The Commercial Director & Chief Scientist for General Electric Research, Amy Linsebigler told News 10 that, "People want to be in the know. They want to be empowered to make decisions, and so having that ability to scan those barcodes and really know what their environment is like from a safety perspective is really a great thing."

If and when travel restrictions are lifted, hopefully we will see more of this type of technology at all airports including Stewart International Airport in Newburgh.

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