Please make sure you check your kids' candy.

Halloween is officially over and now we head into the holidays, but first let me scare each and every parent in the Hudson Valley.

According to WTEN, the Hoosick Falls Police Department, located in Rensselaer County, New York, up near Albany, is investigating a report of a candy bar that was found to have a needle in it.

The police department said that a child was out trick or treating for Halloween in the small village with their parent, when just like many kids, when they arrived home they reached into the candy bag and grabbed a Mounds candy bar and took a bite of it and after biting into the candy, she noticed a needle was in the candy bar.

Police have made it clear that this does look like an isolated incident and they are continuing their investigation.

This is a perfect time for another friendly reminder to parents to please make sure that you check all candy before letting your children eat any of it.

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