I have always been a country music fan so it is no surprise I ended up in working in country radio. When I first started in 1993 there was a country artist I met at the Ulster County Fair for the first time and I will never forget thinking he is such a cool guy and so fun in concert. That man was Neal McCoy. This year Neal is back in the Hudson Valley at the 4th annual Taste of Country Music Festival. It is three big days, June 10th, 11th and 12th at Hunter Mountain. (Follow this link for ticket information).  You can catch Neal on Sunday at 3pm on the main stage.

If you have never seen Neal McCoy in concert or met him stage side then you may not realize he is one of the most down to earth country singers in Nashville. Don't believe me check out this great interview from 2013 with Life Style Magazine. Neal is explaining is invitation to a White House State Dinner and in the interview he reveals his originality and genuine sense of humor.

Neal McCoy's latest album is all the "Old Standards" check out the promo for it.

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