Yes it's an actual thing and I'm celebrating!

Today July 5th has been set aside as the day of the year we celebrate the invention of the 2 piece swimsuit known as the bikini.

According to the National Day Calendar, July 5, 1946 is the day when ladies started hitting the beaches and poolsides in bikinis.

So I thought that I would join in on the celebration and show off my bikini for all to see....

I promise you that the thought of me in a bikini is a scary enough. I'm one of those guys that has a hard enough time taking off my shirt at the beach. This is like reason 897 why I'm glad I'm a guy. Ladies have it tough!!!!

If you are planning on celebrating National Bikini Day today all you need to do is put it on, take a picture and post it to social media and use the #NationalBikiniDay.

Join us tomorrow as we celebrate National we celebrate to much day!

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