I know, I know. This should be expected if you live in the Hudson Valley. It happens every year, but I still get freaked out.

Last week I came across a video of a copperhead rattlesnake slithering a long mount Beacon. It gives me the heebie jeebies and I fully admit that I'm terrified of snakes. My dad told me last weekend that a garter snake took up residence along the rock wall in front of the house. I went to check it out because even though I'm scared, I'm also curious. It slithered right past me into the bushes. I felt sick.

It was an absolutely beautiful day yesterday, before the crazy storms, and I was putting the garbage cans away and something caught my eye. It turned out to be snake skin. Then I looked a little more to the left and well...:

I kept my distance, but we're not getting rid of this little guy(girl?) because I hear they actually are pretty helpful when it comes to mice and such. So, now that the snake is our new neighbor we need a name. CJ says Shmonty, but I'm not feeling it. What do you think?


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