The police were involved!

This is one of those stories that for obvious reasons I blocked out of my memory for a long time. What I am about to share with you is not something that I am proud of and gives everyone a snapshot of the enormous jerk I was 20 years ago.

Let me set the mood, it was October 1999 the night before my first wedding, which was to take place at Anthony's Pier 9 in New Windsor back on October 2, 1999. The night before the reception a few of my friends and I decided to go to the bar at the hotel we were staying at (the Holiday Inn in Newburgh) and have a few drinks. BAD IDEA!! Back then we could never just have a few, more like 10 or 12.

So we head to the bar and before you know it we are doing shots and getting all kinds of messed up, to the point that I needed some fresh air and went out to the outside entrance at the front of the hotel to kinda get myself together, or vomit, I can't remember because that is where things get a little blurry.

According to my best friend Fred, here is what happens next. We are all standing in a group outside of the hotel and a few police cars pulled up with a big tour bus behind them. The cops get out of their cars and start to come over to us. They said something to us like, "Don't go near that bus because it's show business."

That is when CJ went into full D-BAG mode!!! I guess I ran over to the bus and started banging on the door yelling, "Show business, I AM SHOW BUSINESS!!!" yup full jerk!! The cops ran over and grabbed me and took me away from the bus and were saying something like "calm down or you're going to jail."

The situation got so crazy that my friend Fred, who is a new cop at the time in the city had to take out his badge and beg the cops to not arrest me because it was the night before my wedding. He begged them and they wound up letting me go.

Now that I think about it, maybe if they did arrest me I wouldn't have gotten married and then divorced three years later...LOL!! Who was show business on the bus? Yup...Trisha freaking Yearwood!

Trisha did come off the bus and from what my friends say, was the nicest person in the world and said something like "tell him good luck in marriage." A genuine sweetheart! So Mrs. Yearwood if you ever see this, this is my official apology for being a complete D-bag to you and your crew on that chilly October night in 1999. I'm SOOOO SORRY!

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