I thought I was losing my mind. One day I look across my lawn and see nothing but green grass. Then another day I look out and there are these giant mushrooms. How could that even be possible? Turns out it is probably happening more than I even noticed. Mushrooms will grow overnight after it rains.

According to an online article I found from Scotts mushrooms are just waiting to sprout after a good rain with the right ground conditions. Obviously, they are lawn care folks so they offer a solution to the problem but I don't actually see it as a bad thing. I think it is pretty amazing.

The mushrooms that have been sprouting in my yard this year have been unusual and large. Last week there was a cluster that actually looked like the ones that appear on the 70's mushroom style china that your Grandma probably still has in her cabinet. This morning when I saw these new ones in the yard that obviously appeared over night I had to snap a picture because as fast as they show up it seems these disappear.

So how does this happen? According to Scotts "you need the right mix of moisture, shade or cloudy weather and rich, organic soil." We have definitely had enough rain/moisture. And as for cloudy days it seems to be the theme of spring. So if you are looking for a weird rainbow at the end of a raining spell and if your are a fan of magically appearing fungus this could end up being a fun summer.

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