A child who was reported missing will be safely returning home thanks to the hard work of a few brave Troopers.

Heroes come in many forms.

New York State Troopers found and rescued a missing child who had been taken and brought to New York all the way from Minnesota.

According to CBS Minnesota, Nasteha Mohamed and her older sister went missing during the early part of last week. The older sister managed to travel nearly 1,000 miles to our state of New York. The family of the girls were reportedly worried about the older sister's mental state. With no idea where they could be headed, CBS also reported that an alert went out to departments across the entire country.

According to the New York State Police's Facebook page,

On Tuesday, the New York State Police received a tip to search for a vehicle from Minnesota that may have been involved carrying a passenger who had been allegedly kidnapped.
New York State Police
Troopers discovered a car matching the description and stopped them for a violation near Syracuse, New York.
The driver of the vehicle was apprehended and  and the two-year-old girl is safe and is doing well. CBS did not report that any files had been charged against the driver as of Wednesday.
New York State Police

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