The film will be shooting in September.

With more and more film companies picking the Hudson Valley as their backdrop for filming, the opportunities for actors in the area have increased significantly. Some people have started to call the Hudson Valley, "Hollywood on the Hudson" and that's nothing but good news for us.

From increased money coming into the area to more chances at making the big time in the world of Hollywood. If you are a parent in the Hudson Valley and have a young son that is looking to take a shot at making movies, there is an official casting call for a couple of parts that could be the break you've been looking for.

According to HV Post, the feature film "Allen Sunshine" will be shooting in the Saugerties, New York area in September and they are looking to cast a few parts for some young male actors. The feature film is about "a former music industry mogul, grieving the death of his wife at an isolated lake-side home, finds redemption in the youthful spirit of a friendship cultivated with two young boys."

The roles they are looking to fill are both for males ages 9-12 years old. The roles include:

DUSTIN:(Caucasian) A young confident kid with a natural charm. He is wise beyond his years. His friendship with Kevin is important to him and views him as part of his family.
KEVIN:(African-American, preferably of Haitian descent) He is visiting Dustin for the summer. Also very intelligent. MUST KNOW HOW TO SING.

If you or someone you know would like the chance to be in this feature film, which is set to start filming on or around September 7th, 2021, have them submit their auditions to If you would like more information about the casting call you can email those inquires to the same email address.

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