Has anyone ever said to you, "of course it broke, it's because Mercury is in Retrograde"? It is a term that has become synonymous with things being out of whack. The Farmer's Almanac has a great explanation. Basically, without getting too technical, it has to do with the earth's orbit and that certain times a year other planets also orbiting the sun appear to move backward for a period of time.

During a Mercury Retrograde, you might experience problems with machines, cars and even computers. It is becoming more common to joke about it, but some people just flat out don't believe the retrograde period affects anything. I, on the other hand, subscribe to the idea that anything is possible. Not to mention I also seem to have stuff pop up during Mercury Retrogrades that don't seem to happen any other time. So imagine my surprise when I found out Saturn also retrogrades and it is currently in retrograde until September.

Everything I have been reading says Saturn's retrograde makes Mercury's look like small potatoes. I hope these authorities are mistaken. Apparently, Saturn doesn't mess with your stuff it actually messes with you. Can you say, "Oh NO!"

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