Be aware of these scams.

According to WTEN, Mother's Day scammers are back and they are looking to take advantage of us, by luring us in with some great offers to some of our favorite stores.

If you have Facebook or any other social media accounts the odds are that you have seen one of the offers on your news feed.

Click here to get $75 Off at Bed Bath and Beyond or click here to get a $100 gift card to Walmart or get $50 Off at Lowes. Once you click on one of these offers you land on a website that looks legit until they start asking you to answer a series of questions. That should be you first clue that the site is a scam, especially if the site asks for your banking information.

Mike Stamas, of Grey Castle Security in Albany told WTEN that, “It may be as bad as getting their banking information to be able to commit crimes or they might just want to know what types of things they buy and what they’re interested in and they can sell that data to third parties for pretty good money."

He also said that,

“If a Facebook ad pops up on Facebook that seems a little too good to be true you need to look at that with a suspicious eye and look at the fine print.”

Lowes and Bed Bath and Beyond have acknowledged scammers have used their company names in the fake Mother’s Day offers.

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