If you like macaroni and cheese, you are going to love this and THEY ARE HIRING!

One of the most American things we eat is "mac n cheese", right? Its one of those things that if you think about it, its hard to make better BUT the brilliant minds at Mix N Mac have taken an American classic to a whole new level!

For folks that live in the Middletown area of Orange County, we are about to tell you about something you might already know about, MIX N MAC is sooooo goooood! If you've never heard about them, you have no idea what your missing, and if you live in Dutchess county, get ready to fall in love...LOL!

My first experience with Mix N Mac came a few months ago when a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to give them a try and yes, they are the restaurant that was offering a free roll of toilet paper with every order for a while back when the coronavirus shutdown started.

Anyway, she showed me their menu and the hard part for me was trying to decide what I wanted. They have so many delicious choices, from Big Mic and cheese, chicken alfredo, cheese steak, to sloppy joe mac n cheese. I went with the cheese steak and OMG it was life changing for my taste buds!

I'm not sure if you can feel the excitement with every word I type BUT its been rumored for a while that the popular Mix N Mac was going to open a second restaurant in Wappingers Falls, and it looks like that rumor is becoming a fact sometime in November. The location is set to open on the southbound side of route 9, next to the newly opened Starbucks.

We reached out to see if they have an exact date yet, and they told us that, "We don’t have an exact date but early November is target. With COVID, we have experienced delays on almost everything we need. We are hopeful and excited to get going!!"

They also told us that they are hiring right now, and if you would like to apply you can email them at jobs@mixnmac.com. As soon as they announce a date we will update this story.

They did end their email to us with some encouraging words, "With all the challenges we just keep plugging away and remember our dreams. We will all get through this, hopefully one Mac at a time!!!"

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