Has Miley Cyrus married her beau, actor Liam Hemsworth, just ahead of Christmas? While the pair aren't giving up anything themselves, photo evidence suggests that the couple tied the knot on Sunday night (Dec. 23).

Photos from the pair's friend Conrad Jack Carr's Instagram stories show Cyrus and Hemsworth dressed in formal attire (with Cyrus in a white dress), holding a knife to what appears to be a wedding cake, while Cyrus's mother Tish is in the background. Additional shots show off "Mr" and "Mrs" mylar balloons decorating the space as Hemsworth and friends do shots.

If indeed the pictures are what they suggest, the couple has done a good job of keeping their plans secret. Cyrus recently told Sirius XM's Andy Cohen that they were both too busy with their respective careers at the moment to think about marriage.

Cyrus and Hemsworth are due for some good times, as just last month they lost their Malibu home to the raging California wildfires that swept the state. Cyrus, although posting that her house "no longer stands," added that she is "one of the lucky ones," as she, Hemsworth and their pets made it out safely. "I am grateful for all I have left," she notes.

At any rate, if they have indeed tied the knot, the couple is set for a more rural backdrop to their first Christmas as man and wife. Cyrus recently told Ryan Seacrest in an interview that she'll be spending Christmas in Nashville, and is planning to whip some home-cooked food just like her godmother, the icon Dolly Parton, would make.

"Dolly made the best chicken and dumplings, so I now make vegan chicken and dumplings," Cyrus says.


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