I love a good stroll down memory lane, and I'm really lucky that I get to reminisce about the 90's every weekday at noontime during the '90's at Noon' with you.  During my Christmas Eve show earlier today I talked about a lot of the popular 90's gifts that you may have found under the tree on Christmas morning, and then I hit the jackpot with this buzzfeed article that talks about 21 toys that made it clear you grew up in the 90's...

Some of my favorites:

  • The Home Alone Talkboy - my sister and I both definitely had our own, but couldn't quite pull off pranks like Kevin.
  • Mouse Trap - and the article is dead on about only playing it once, we totally lost/broke pieces and that game sat in the basement for years.
  • Dream Phone - we thought we were so cool when we got one of those bright pink phones and invited all our friends over to play.
  • Pogs - why did we need a million different colored/themed cardboard circles? Who knows, but we just had to have them, right?

Do any of the toys on the list bring back great memories of 90's Christmas mornings for you?  It's pretty amazing how things have changed and what you find under the tree these days.

I'll be back Wednesday with more great 90's tunes and fun facts, enjoy Christmas, ya filthy animals :)

Christmas Wrapping paper
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