If you're used to making regular trips to the city from the Hudson Valley, the MTA is set to make an announcement that will change the way you get around down there. But don't worry, there's still time to use that one last ride you have on the Metrocard sitting in your wallet.

The MTA will begin phasing out the Metrocard in 2019 and will become completely obsolete by 2023.They are set to announce a new system soon according to ABC 7. Reportedly, the new system will involve a tapping motion as opposed to a swipe.

The token system was finally phased out in May of 2003 as tests of the Metrocard system began back in 1992. The same company that produced the Metrocard will also be involved in providing the replacement.

By the way, I love using cash at the ticketing machines at the local train stations and getting a pocket full of dollar coins as change. Just love that.

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