Would you wear one?

If you missed the CJ in the morning show today we had Tommy from Bayou Rum on with us to talk about the official rum of the taste of country music festival when things took a turn for the worse.

Yes Mens Rompers came up and I think both Tommy and me put our feet in our mouths when we said that we wanted to wear an American flag men's romper to the taste of country music festival this year.

Why? Because they are actually getting ready to make these things. They are called the ROMPHIM. Yes the ROMPHIM is coming and looks to be the next big thing, according to Buzzfeed.


A kick starter fund raiser went live with a goal to raise about $10,000 to help with the production of the ROMPHIM and at last check the kick starter has raised over $120,000. So it looks like these things are going to be available before you know it.

I'm just hoping that they come out AFTER the taste of country music festival because I don't want to subject anyone to me in a romper.

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