If you have been following the continued drama of both medical use and recreational use for marijuana in New York, you might not know that there were a few changes (legal changes) that were made on October 5, 2021. Will it affect your being able to get recreational pot or weed sooner? Probably not.

The changes include the use of 'Flower Cannabis' for medical use. Here is the more specific way that it is worded on the NYS Department of Health Medical Marijuana website:

The addition of whole flower cannabis for vaporization as an approved form of medical cannabis. Whole flower cannabis products are NOT available at the registered organization dispensing facilities yet. The Department is working on brand reviews and approvals for those registered organizations who have proposed this new form. Whole flower products will be available to patients once all approvals are received on the final products. Please reach out to the registered organization dispensing facility to find out when they anticipate having whole flower products available.

According to a press release from Curaleaf, one of the medical marijuana dispensaries in the area, they are already selling these products for medical use.

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