Its happens this Saturday April 29th at Darby O'Gills on Rt 9 in Hyde Park from 4-7 p.m.

I have know Sal and his wife Jill for some years now and three years ago they had a parents worst nightmare come true.

Jill was pregnant with their first child and the pregnancy was all normal and little Daneilla was born and in May of 2014 with a rare genetic disorder.

Jill told us that "due to this rare genetic disorder, later we would find out the first of its kind, the disorder that no one could trace while I was pregnant … we were about to have the worst days of our life. Within 48 hours of her birth we were being STAT transported to Maria Ferraris children’s hospital in Westchester… upon arrival they told us our whole world was ending.

They said the words that are the most unnatural for any parent to hear “your daughters case is lethal , she probably won’t survive the night”

My Daniella fought for 4 more days. See Dani was a rock star just not in the way we had planned… her death brought a genetic disorder that may have never been seen to the light of medical professionals. She touched the life of every person in our lives.

While there is nothing more terrible then the loss of a child. Our only way of surviving was strength in knowledge. We have worked tirelessly since to raise money and organize fundraisers in the hope that no other couple would have to experience the devastation that our family endured... And that is why we are looking to put as many people as we can at our event on the 29th."

Here are all the details of this great event:

Where : Darby O Gills Rt 9 Hyde Park

When : Saturday April 29th 4-7pm

How Much : $20 all you can eat and all you can drink ( bud light & wine included )

Why: To support and donate all proceeds to the March of Dimes in honor of our angel Daniella

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