This guy might be a little too early for Halloween?

With the resurgence in popularity of the Batman franchise over the past 15 years or so, you get your occasional imitators. Police say a man in New York state was spotted in public wearing the signature face paint design of one of the Caped Crusader's biggest adversaries.

The real problem though, according to authorities, was this same man didn't include the rest of the costume. And in this case, they mean absolutely none of it. Why so serious? Guess not.

CBS also adds this wasn't his first time pulling an erratic stunt like this.

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Note: This wannabe "Joker" character is not to be confused with another one who's been frequently spotted near Marist College in the Hudson Valley over recent years.

New York State Man Was Naked in Public With Face Paint Like The Joker, Says Police 

WIVB says that a New York state man is facing charges after officials say he stood naked at an intersection near an Applebee's restaurant early Sunday afternoon.


Police say the nude Jamestown man was wearing the makeup of the popular Batman character The Joker while holding up signs with "religious sayings" on them. Neither WIVB nor police indicated what exactly was written on the signs the man was allegedly displaying, though many well-known quotes from The Dark Knight may come to mind.

Police have also not said yet why he was pulling this stunt in the first place. Perhaps he was just warm given the ongoing heatwave? Maybe he just wanted in on Applebee's latest boneless wings challenge?

Police Say This Joker is a Repeat Offender 

CBS News said the same man was arrested in 2013 at the same Applebee's while dressed as The Joker for drunkenly harassing customers. NY Upstate says he also stalked a nearby restaurant at least three times that particular year leading up to his arrest.

Police say the Clown Prince of Crime was taken into custody and charged with public lewdness and disorderly conduct.

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