It always amazes me how people come up with their great ideas. Every so often I think I have had a great idea only to discover that some one else had it first and actually acted on it. Good ideas are hard to come by. Good ideas that make money can be even more rare. That's why last week when I saw the story that the CBS Evening news did on Mikaila and her BeeSweet Lemonade I was really impressed.

Mikaila took a bad experience and thanks to her parents she turned it into a good idea. Her idea is not only good it's smart helpful and earns money. Mikaila seems to have hit the trifecta of good ideas. Did I mention she's only 10. And she has successfully pitched her idea on Shark Tank. Oh and one more thing she used her great grandma's recipe.

Mikaila explained how BeeSweet Lemonade came to be with CBS News.

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