Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have adopted an adorable new family member, an 18-year-old senior dog named Poochie.

According to a tweet from Nashville-area rescue Proverbs 12:10, Poochie was abandoned to Animal Control when his family became allergic, and when he ended up at the rescue they believed he was destined to stay there forever as a hospice dog, since it's so difficult to place older dogs. But that's not how things turned out for the sweet-faced canine.

Proverbs regularly posts pictures of their animals that are available for adoption on social media, and Bryan and Caroline applied to adopt Poochie on Saturday (Feb. 9) after seeing him online. The rescue posted a series of pictures on Monday (Feb. 11), one of which shows Poochie with Caroline and his previous foster mom. His black face is streaked with gray, and he's wearing a red bandana.

Bryan and his family live on a farm with a number of other animals. Caroline founded Brett's Barn in 2017 to provide animal therapy for various children. Inspired by the death of their niece Sadie Brett Boyer, who died at seven months of age, Brett's Barn includes a pony, alpacas, two kangaroos and more comfort animals.

"He now has both human and canine siblings," Proverbs 12:10 writes.

The pictures also show Poochie going for a walk in the fields, and when it comes time to sleep, he's set up in a comfy-looking bed nestled in front of a picture window.

A post from Feb. 8 describes Poochie as "loving, trusting, very affectionate, attention seeking, funny and protective. He just wants to be near his human."

It's easy to see why the Bryans fell in love with the adorable dog in the pictures below.

Bryan and his wife have two human sons, Bo and Tate, and the couple also took in their nephew, Til, in 2014, after his father died unexpectedly. Til's mother was Bryan's sister, Kelly, who passed away in 2007

Til is now 17, and in a recent podcast interview, Caroline shared that it's been a big adjustment at their house since he started dating.

"There was one time I didn't handle it well," she said on the Get Real With Caroline Hobby podcast. "Some girls showed up at the door at like 9:45PM at night and I was, like, in my robe and I was like, 'No thank you, not going to happen, thanks! Bye.'"

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