Yes today is Friday the 13th and most people always look at the bad side of it, not ME!!! I decided to focus on making today a lucky Friday the 13th.

It all started with my choice of socks this morning, yes I have LUCKY SOCKS, take a look at these bad boys....

According to Mirror, they say that 1 in 20 people won't even leave their house this Friday the 13th, which is just bananas to me, they also claim that 80% of people consider themselves to be superstitious.

Are you superstitious?

The most common superstition we have is wearing lucky socks (see video above), followed by knocking on wood, wearing lucky pants, having a lucky coin and crossing our fingers.

Here are the top 5 moments when we're most superstitious:

1. When we're taking a test

2. When we're buying a lotto ticket or gambling

3. During an important life moment like buying a house or getting married

4. When we're looking for a new job

5. When it's Friday the 13th or Halloween.

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