Outrage is growing after a man who killed a 16-year-old Lower Hudson Valley teen and allegedly also sexually assaulted her was released from prison.

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Richard LaBarbera, 67, was released from prison for the second time following the 1980 murder of 16-year-old Paula Bohovesky in Rockland County. LaBarbera was one of two men accused of sexually assaulting and fatally stabbing the 16-year-old honors student in Pearl River.

LaBarbera and Robert McCain were found guilty of murder and both sentenced to 25 years to life in jail. Charges that the men raped Bohovesky as she walked home from the Pearl River Library didn't make it to trial, CBS reports.

LaBarbera was granted parole for the second time, but under the condition that he is not allowed to set foot in Rockland County.

"While this is somewhat a Pyrrhic victory, I am relieved that this murderous monster, Richard LaBarbera, will not be allowed to set foot in our County. He should never have been granted parole but at least his conditions of parole spare Paula's still-grieving mother, Lois Bohovesky from having to see this scum walking the streets of Pearl River. I thank all of the residents of our County who joined me in writing to the New York State Board of Parole to demand this condition be set. This shows that when we raise our voices together, in defense of our community that much good can be accomplished," Rockland County Executive Ed Day said in a statement.

Prior to the conditions of parole being announced, many were concerned, including Paula's 88-year-old mother, could return to Pearl River.

“It’s bad enough that he’s still walking around after what he did to Paula,” Lois Bohovesky told the New York Post prior to LaBerbera getting parole. “But now he could be in commuting distance to my house.”

Over 2,000 signed a petition demanding LaBarbera be banned from Rockland County, the New York Post.

"This shows all what we can accomplish if we work together. While this murderous cretin should have never been released, there is some comfort for both our community and Paula’s mom Lois knowing that a condition of his parole is that he never set foot in Rockland County or he will be returned to the place he belongs ... State prison. As an aside I did speak with Lois a little while ago and she expressed her gratitude to all of you for standing by her during her time of need," Day wrote on Facebook.

LaBarbera was released from prison in July of 2019, but served an additional year in prison for violating parole, according to the petition.

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