I can't seem to win more than $2 from a scratch-off lottery ticket, and this lady wins millions from the wrong ticket. Some people have all of the luck.

I can only imagine how stressful it would be behind the counter of a store that sells lottery tickets. There's like 40 different ones, and if you're anything like me, you just ask for a $5 one. I'm sure that's not confusing for the clerk at all.

Somehow a woman from New Jersey used the confusion to her advantage and won millions on Tuesday. According to NJ.com, Oksana Zaharov bought meant to buy a $1 scratch-off ticket while visiting Manhattan but was given a $10 Set for Life ticket by mistake. Instead of making a big deal about the honest mistake she decided to just buy the ticket.

She immediately checked and found out she was the winner of the $5 million jackpot. It's safe to say the mother of two can go into the New Year with a little less stress.

Of course, she says what just about every big winner says.

"I never win anything."


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