No, this isn't a scene from Lassie but it definitely could be.


The Daily Freeman is reporting that a family in West Hurley is alive and safe all thanks to their dog. On Thursday morning a couple was woken up by their dog who was alerting them to a fire in their home. According to the article the fire broke out around 2am on Thursday morning February 23rd when the new refrigerator that was on their porch, started to overheat due to a malfunction.

Fire Chief David Gutierrez told the Freeman that after the couple was woken up they were aware of the fire and tried to put it out with snow shovels. However, the fire broke a window and the fire started to spread in the house. Unfortunately, the house was destroyed in the fire. Everyone in the home, including the quick thinking pup made it out okay.  Chief Guiterrez is looking at the brighter side of things stating that "If the dog had not altered them, they might have had a different outcome."

The couple from the home on Bundy Lane was later assisted by the American Red Cross.

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