Does your drab lobby at work need a total makeover? You should consider how many heads you can turn with an insane mural.

Local artists, Ricardo and Emily Ramirez from Octopus Ink, took over our radio station lobby and we were all shocked by the insane transformation. It obviously looks amazing but the benefits that come from having such an eye catching piece of art in the hub of the work place were not apparent to us at first.

It seems like we cannot walk by it without having to stop and admire it and then notice some new detail we missed before. It's even causing co-workers to stop and briefly mingle and talk about it.

It may not be something you've ever considered but if your workplace is due for some remodeling you should consider something cool and unique like this.

In just one week our office was completely transformed for the better.

Octopus Ink
Octopus Ink
Octopus Ink

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