The Liberty Central School District has finally decided on a logo for its new mascot.

Liberty Central School District Decides on Mascot Logo

Like many schools across New York State, Liberty Central School District had to change its name and logo after a New York State mandate " to discontinue the use of its Native American mascot and logo."

Originally, the Liberty Central School District went by the Liberty Indians and displayed a logo with a large L with 3 Indian feathers. In late 2023, the Liberty Central School District students picked the Redhawks as the new mascot and logo.

In a press release the school district explained after several rounds of redesigns, the student liaisons narrowed it down to 2. The above photo displays the design that was chosen.

Superintendent Dr. Patrick Sullivan said in the statement: “This truly was a student-led design process. I appreciate the work and thoughtfulness our student leaders put into the process  to create the imagery that will represent Liberty Central School District and our Redhawks into the future.”

Second Times a Charm For Liberty Central School District Logo

This isn't the first time the logo for the Liberty Central School district has been changed.

According to the press release, there was a logo that was picked by the students back in October of 2023. However, on November 21st, 2023 the Liberty Central School District reported that the Redhawk logo was to be redesigned.

At the time the district explained:

The Liberty Central School District has determined that it is not in the district’s interest to use the Redhawk logo design that was previously approved. We will work with a new art and graphic design team to develop new designs for the Redhawk

All merchandise that was made with the first logo was halted. In the most recent press release, the school district added "The district had unveiled new logos in October, but they were discontinued over any potential legal issues that may have arisen from their use."

Several Hudson Valley Schools Change Mascots

Liberty Central School District isn't the only district to change its mascot within the last year. Several schools across New York State and a handful in the Hudson Valley had to undergo a change as well.

Most notably, Ketcham High School in Wappingers Falls, New York changed its name from the Ketcham Indians to the Ketcham Storm. Much like Liberty, Ketcham had issues with their first choice.

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Initially, Ketcham students picked the Ketcham Knights as the mascot and nickname. However, the board of education denied the name explaining the name could have racial undertones.

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