The Hudson Valley constantly delivers when it comes to beautiful scenery.

Yes we know, the Hudson Valley has the best foliage views. And okay seeing a bunch of pictures of a sunrise, leaves, clouds, rainbows or sunsets gets a little excessive.

But the sky was literally on fire last night in the Hudson Valley and I'm pretty sure there was a double rainbow thrown in there as well.

If you look at my recent activity on Facebook it's just a bunch of pictures of the sunset that I liked. I figured why not make it easier for everyone and put our pictures in one spot.

So get open up those photo galleries and share your favorite picture from last night. Don't let me down Hudson Valley.

You have to admit, seeing that sight after all the rain we had sure was a sight for sore eyes.

Here are few pictures I captured in the Beacon area last night:

2018-11-06 164621.415

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