Put the pumpkin down unless it is a pie. Back away from the candy bowl it is time to talk Turkey. Thanksgiving my favorite food holiday is up next and you have just under 4 weeks to prepare. In case you are wondering I am a traditional Turkey kind of girl. No deep frying for me. I love Turkey oven roasted for hours with lots of basting, butter and love.

Thanksgiving dinner isn't complete without cranberries, stuffing, sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes, green bean casserole, pearled onions and that famous relish dish of celery and black olives. Of course one of the things that makes Thanksgiving so great is family and friends. It is the perfect opportunity to gather the people close to you and be grateful for everyone and everything.

It is also a great time to look into paying it forward. Various Hudson Valley agencies including Food Bank of the Hudson Valley look forward to donations this time of year. They also have opportunities for you to volunteer. Maybe even get the group that will be gathering at your house this year to volunteer in your community before the big meal.