Did you know Sleepy Hollow, New York is considered one of the most haunted places in the nation?

When we say Sleepy Hollow, you probably think of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman, right? But there is so much more haunted history to the sleepy Hudson Valley town.

The Spirits of Sleepy Hollow, NY

There are several tales of witches and spirits who appear around town like the Woman in White. According to many, Ravens Rock in Rockefeller State Park Preserve is home to this spirit of a woman who is wearing white when she appears. There are several stories of how she died.


I believe the most popular story is that the woman died while waiting for a soldier to meet her as they agreed to be married at that spot. New York Parks shared an excerpt from “Chronicles of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow” by Edgar Mayhew Bacon that tells the tale of The Woman in White in more detail:

A woman, so we have read, wandered out of the path in a blinding snowstorm and sought shelter from the blast of the wind in the ravine behind Raven Rock. The snow drifted in upon her and she went to sleep never to waken again. Ever since, that cleft has been a melancholy place of refuge, for it is said that the spirit of the poor wayfarer meets the belated wanderer with cries that sound like the screaming of the wind, and gestures that remind one of the sweep of snowdrifts, warning others away from the spot that she found so fatal.

Some have said they heard the screams of shrieks of a woman near Raven Rock before storms rolled into town. Have you heard the Woman in Whites call? Have you seen her?

Hike to the Woman in White at Raven Rock in Pleasantville, NY

If you believe in the lore and chilling past of Raven Rock, then you'll probably want to stay away to avoid any encounters with the woman in white. But if you're a hiker looking for an adventure, you can make your way to Raven Rock by way of Ferguson Lake Trail, but be warned...it takes about an hour hike to Raven Rock, a 5.6-mile hike out and back according to All Trials. 

I don't know what's scarier, the thought of seeing the Woman in White or hiking 5.6 miles.

Raven Rock is located within Rockefeller State Park Preserve and there is a fee if you're looking to explore. Learn more on the New York Parks website. 

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