I hope you're all digested from all the food you ate over the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you were listening this morning, you would have caught our conversation about Thanksgiving leftovers. More specifically, how long you'll leftovers will be good for. When it comes to pies, you probably only have a few hours left. Pumpkin pie is good 3-4 days after first cutting into the sweet deliciousness. But of course, take the chance if you're hungry. I would.

If you're not too daring you can celebrate National Pie in the face day by taking your leftover pies.

Personally I would be enjoying every last bite, but likelihood is if you're getting a pie in the face you'll probably be able to eat some of it too.

So get that apple pie out of the fridge and play a little family game of pie face.

CJ and I have played before, it was all in good fun- even though someone didn't follow the rules.

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